Fabio Pesaresi
Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar 

Reykjavik (Islanda)
Centro di formazione: English Matters

24 - 30 aprile 2016

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75 participants from 17 countries have met in Reykjavik to attend the course organised by English Matters.

It has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss issues related to our work.

On top of that, visitng Icelandic schools has shown us an attitude towards education and young people that we can all learn from.

Schools are not empty containers of mental teaching. They are themselves stimuli to learning. Look at their staircases!

Their schools reflect a system where every student is cared for individually.

Where cooking is in the national curriculum

Where the library is the heart of the school

Where students play chess

or just relax

and where teachers have breakfast together

Being together with people passionate about their job has been contagious.

We have all come back with lots of ideas and good intentions.

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